Why comfort is a self-care activity

With the pandemic causing our current lockdown, lots of people are feeling.... uncomfortable.  Whether its small business owners like me who are trying to pivot to maintain their livelihood, kids displaced from school who are struggling with online learning, or parents working-from-home while trying to run their households, the changes have been more than a little bit challenging for many people this year.

Despite the challenges though, it's important for our collective mental health that we work on creating our own comfort.  That's what this post is all about.  Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference, right?

Right now we're running the Winter Clearance Sale.  In years past this sale would've been run 100% in-store and I would've been able to greet and assist all of our loyal customers - chatting with you about your days, upcoming events, and the items you'd be taking into the change rooms.  This year the sale's a little different..... and honestly, the inventory we've carried this year has been  a little different too.

As a petite to plus-size retailer, we've been focusing on comfort wear.... and really, while that's partly due to the restrictions we've all faced, it's also partly because I thought we could all use a little more comfort during these uncertain times.  Above is the softest light weight sweater by Dex and Dex Plus.  If your comfort is jeans wear that, if its leggings wear that, if its joggers wear that!

You see, comfort wear isn't just about lounging at home.  Contrary to what some folks thing it's not just stuff to wear at home either (just ask the folks who love Athleisure wear!).  Mostly it's about feeling cozy and wearing something with enough versatility to be good for the quick trip to the grocery store AND for watching a movie on the couch with your family.  More than that, it's about creating positive feelings for ourselves while we all individually and collectively navigate the remainder of the pandemic.

And, if you ask me, comfort wear has the ability to give us all a much needed break.  Wearing something that looks great and feels great has the power to make each of us feel more like ourselves during periods of uncertainty.  In addition, feeling great can help us get back to our regular personal self-care habits whether that be doing a weekly facial, having a bath and reading a book, or getting something creative done around the house that we've been wanting to start.

What will determine how we feel in our skin when we come out of this pandemic is largely how we take care of ourselves during it.  So, grab some comfort clothing!  Take the time to do a face mask, or spend a weekend afternoon reading a book.  Carve out your own little bits of comfort and take care of yourself the way only you know how.

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  • Love this Angela! Thankyou for caring! When i am home I always dress comfortable!


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