Feeling the after Christmas slump?

If you are, not to worry - you're not alone.  The holidays this year were definitely more than "a little different", and psychologists do say that January is one the toughest months on people's mental health.  You know what helps me get through a hard day though?  Gratitude and shopping!  There's a reason we call it "retail therapy" right?

Maybe you've done what so many of us have done and spent the holiday season comfort eating.  At the beginning of the pandemic I gained a little weight (didn't we all?) and initially I felt bad about it.  Then I thought - why feel bad?  When we're going through challenges in life, we each have our very own tried and true methods of coping.  for some folks that's drinking a little more than usual, for others it's indulging in food, and for others it's things like obsessively working out.  We do what helps us to individually feel better, then we sometimes beat ourselves up for having done it.

When the action we've engaged with is aligned with a positive outcome, we pat ourselves on the back... but why don't we pat ourselves on the back for taking care of ourselves in other ways?  Sometimes we need to comfort eat.  Sometimes we need to sleep in on the weekend, do a little online shopping or give ourselves a mini spa day at home in order to lift a little weight off our shoulders. (Shannon and I exchange these types of snapchats weekly as we love our facial masks!)  Everything about that is okay!  You know what else?  The weight will come back off when we're ready to address it, and our habits will fall back into place of normalcy too!  It's kind of the cycle we each live in. 


So don't feel bad for feeling bad... and why not treat yourself to something that will make you feel a little better?  This, too, shall pass and we'll be back to a more normal place before we know it. 

In this blog I thought I would share some random pics of our family over the holidays.  It was pretty laid back this year!  Me and Emme sharing amazing hot chocolate at new Grind and Vine, Mike already in his PJ's when we are taking our NYE pic at 7pm!, Shannon in her new Christmas Snuggly (Katie drew her name and knows her cousin well, Shannon will live in this!), of course spoiled Spanky and the girls helping me do year end inventory!


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