Think "comfort wear" has to look..... frowsy? Think again!

ON this post I'm talking to all the 50+ year old readers out there.  You'll know what I mean when I say we were raised a little differently when it came to attire.  Growing up when we did there were outfits for school, outfits for play, outfits for church, and outfits that only came out on special occasions.  That's why we sometimes find ourselves a little uncomfortable adopting the athleisure trend.

But leisure wear isn't what we grew up knowing it to be anymore.  It's not the ugly pair of sweatpants Mom only let Dad wear at home, the stained shirt that "fits just right" because we've had it for 12 years, or the looser clothes in the closet that we'd be embarrassed to be caught wearing.  Now it's actually high-quality, well fitting, stylish apparel that builds some versatility into our wardrobes.

For instance this outfit I'm wearing here is both comfortable AND stylish.  I could wear it out to the grocery store, and wear it around the house without feeling too dressed up or too dressed down for either activity.  It also works regardless of the number on my scale (making it a staple in my wardrobe)


Here's another one.  I've paired our new super soft Dex/Dex Plus jogger with pockets with this white button down tee or the new Dex/Dex Plus leggings (that have pockets in the front as well!) with this great oversize cardigan.  I love having a couple of black bamboo tank tops that work under so many of these looks.

The entire Dex and Dex Plus collection can be found at this link and

It is full of items like these AND with the winter clearance happening right now, you can grab some amazingly comfortable designer-wear for 20% to 75% off!  We've got petite sizes to plus sizes in a variety of stock, so.... why not give comfort a try?

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