Size does not matter when it comes to beauty!

I have been a size 20(2X), a size 10(medium) and currently am a size 14 (XL, XXL). And I have been every size in between. I love the quote “What I really do believe is that anbody and it really doesn’t matter what shape your body is - can be seductive and sexy and gorgeous and beautiful - Phoebe Philo”.

I have always tried to look and feel confident and have always had jobs where I interact with many people. For me, clothes was always one of the key factors in helping me feel confident on the outside no matter what my size was or currently is.

My adult life started in Toronto really where I lived from the time I was 20 until I was 43. I was always a plus size during those years so I wanted to find trendy plus size options. That is easier today but through those years Antels (which no longer exists) was my favorite place to shop for career wear that was trendy and plus sizes. For more casual looks Cotton Ginny had a great comfortable plus size collection. I even was able to get my wedding dress at a plus size boutique called Big Bold and Beautiful. Imagine 26 years ago being able to go into a wedding shop a size 20 and every gown in the shop I could try on if I wanted to!

Fast forward to 6 years ago when I was in the need for a career change and Vivacious was for sale and it catered to plus size women! Part of my career was managing a retail chain and I was a product developer as well so worked with so many retailers. Retail was up my alley and owning a store that can cater to all sizes was meant to be.

My goal at Vivacious Clothing and Day Spa is to make you feel confident, full of self esteem and ready to take on the world in anything you wear no matter your size. Women come in everyday with preconceived ideas of what works on them because of their size and so many times a week I work with my clients and show them that so much more then they thought looks amazing on them.

Ladies if you are bigger you can where form fitting clothes! You do not have to wear unflattering, no style wide fitting tops. I have found so many Canadian manufacturers that know how to cut a garment properly that works on a women who is a size 8 and the same garment can work on a women who is a size 20. What these manufacturers know is that they need to cut the pattern differently for the size 8 women and the size 20 women. And I just don’t mean add an extra inch to the bust, waist and hips for every size you go up. I mean that a size 20 women will have curves in different places so it needs to be cut totally different and not some formula. These designers have fit models for both the size 8 and the size 20. They know what they are doing and it is my job to find these great styles and fit no matter what your size is. What I have learned myself as well is that most fabrics if cut properly can work on any size women. So yes, you can be a size 22 and where that clingy fabric. That clingy fabric works when we pick out the right style and cut for your body.

Sometimes you ladies give me a blank canvas and let me suggest different looks to try on, sometimes you pick your own selection and ask my opinion. Either way I love working with you and what I love even more is when you let me suggest something you did not think worked on you and your face lights up when you put it on and you get how amazing your are.

I have been doing this for 6 years now and honestly I learn new things all the time. I also learn from you. You will put a couple of pieces together from the store that I never thought of. And when I suggest it to other clients I always give you credit. We are a community and we learn from each other. My favorite comments are “I got so many compliments on that top I bought from work colleagues, everyone wants to know where I shop” “that top I bought 2 years ago still looks like new and I wear it all the time” “I have to get my sister/mom/friend to come here, she is going to love your styles”.

Ladies I try everyday to help you feel better in your own skin. My avenue of doing that is through clothes. And truly it does not matter your size, we are all beautiful and sexy!

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  • Good Morning; since this COVID thing has taken over our lives I am not much into shopping for clothes but when the Spring comes I will be heading your way. I want to thank you for your support , kindness and understanding to make me feel better about myself and trying to deal with my weight gain. Then next time I see you I will have gone through 2 knee replacements as well. A new wardrobe sure will help. Take care and be safe. Regards Bonnie (Hug)

    Bonnie Thompson

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