Does Style Have an Age?

Does style have an age?

I hear comments often “that’s too young for me” that’s too old for me”. Then others walk through the door and just gravitate to what they like or ask me to help pick things out for them. They have no preconceived notions of what people expect them to wear. We should all be this person.

 When we have ideas of what is appropriate for us we are letting others dictate our style. Doing this I believe leaves us with stress and anxiety over how we look.

 So here’s what I thought I would do. Why not look at my kids and see what fashion they gravitate to. Emily is my 20 year old daughter and Shannon is my 24 year old daughter. I am 59 (or will be in December). Emily is currently attending Durham College and her plan is to eventually work in child care. Her life right now is spent navigating the online co learning life, working with school age kids as an instructor with the YMCA’s play on program and hanging in her small bubble of her boyfriend and 2 roommates. Shannon has been out of school for a few years and is an esthetician. She works part time at Sabaya Spa Downtown Kingston and runs her own spa nestled inside Vivacious. She has been a competitive cheerleader for many years, attending the World championships 3 separate times. She decided to retire this past season and once Covid is over will decide her next activity to focus on with her boyfriend Jesse. My life is spent building my boutique, hanging with Mike, camping and my fam.

 So 59, 24, 20 years old and here is what we found at Vivacious! Dex Jeans - all 3 of us loved these and loved the fit. I could wear them everyday the fit is so great. We all thought these cardigans would be great for us. Shannon picked beige, I loved the green and Emme loved the shorter grey cardigan with a looser fit. Underneath it was unanimous, with a bamboo simple top. And all 3 of us would wear either cardigan.

 Another example are these sweaters we found in the store.  We seriously fought over the white one with black stripes (Emme maybe modelling it but Shannon took it home😏, there is was only one extra small! Mine is a 1X and it has been in my wardrobe for a month!). The pants the girls are wearing are a khaki cargo pant with an elastic bottom. This style bottom is incredibly popular right now. Emme chose to wear hers looser and Shannon liked a bit tighter fit. I have my skinny jeans on because I sold my size in the cargo pant the day they came in and I could not re-order. I couldn’t wait to get my butt in these cargos but a customer beat me to it!

 Here are a few other styles we liked. The funky pattern tops are Parsley and Sage. There are styles to wear with leggings or jeans. We each picked one of our favs that we thought suited us.  What I love is you will see any of the three of us in this more boho style one day and the next we will be in more traditional fall clothes.  Capes and Ponchos work for everyone and the Monkey Sock Pattern has no age limit.  Here was our favorite pics for these great fall pieces.

My mom is 78. She has changed so much about how she thinks about fashion and her style since I have had the boutique. You will hear her say often “Angela has got me to think outside my comfort zone”. She says it with confidence and pride in how she looks and feels based on the fashion she is choosing.  The compliments she gets as she around about town are definitely a confidence booster as well.   And it is not uncommon for her and I to have the same things in our wardrobe! I am sure you will see another mom/daughter blog with me and her down the road.

 I want people to feel comfortable in their skin and what they cover it up with. It is hard to reprogram our brains but I hope this gives you some incentive.

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  • You guys look amazing in all of the outfits that you chose to display! I love all the choices that Vivacious has to offer and hope to visit the store again soon for some clothing for myself and possibly some Christmas gifts😁

    Christina Cyr

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