What Does Body Positivity Mean to Us?

We talk a lot about body positivity at Vivacious. I don’t think the subject can get tired.  As women we are inherently  conditioned to look at ourselves and say “I wish my hips were smaller” “I hate my stomach that has 2 rolls” “I have to hide my arms as they are too big” “I have thunder thighs” “I want bigger boobs” “Damn my double chin” and so on and so on and so on.

The question isn’t why do we do this to ourselves but why are we not stopping it.  We know why as it was years of conditioning believing the perfect body was a Barbie body and we weren’t healthy or we weren’t desired if we didn’t have it.  But we know better now or we should know better.

 I get compliments all the time about what I am wearing.  I won’t lie it feels great.  But look at me, I have tons of rolls, wrinkles and I am short!  But I feel confident in my skin (it has taken me many, many years to get here). And you see that I am confident and you compliment me. You need to look at yourself and feel the same way about yourself.  I am definitely no different than you.


I have been helping one of my suppliers with new fashions they are launching and we spent a lot of time talking about fit.  I spent a lot of time reminding him when they use fit models they are working with a perfect size 10 or a perfect size 20.  What that means is the fit model is much taller and is perfectly portioned.  I had to remind him that women are made up of many sizes and many shapes - pear shape, apple shape, hourglass shape and these shapes get added to sizes 2 to 32+. 


So at Vivacious we do our best to help you look your best but more importantly feel your best.  We want you to leave the store feeling the same confidence we feel.  And as you know we are made up of different sizes, shapes and ages at Vivacious!

 Going into the Holiday Season I thought it was the right time to remind everyone about feeling confident and not worrying about that extra turkey or dessert that you might eat.  I know I am looking forward to the holiday get togethers and everything that they mean!

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