Getting Through January

So my storage room at the store is about 6’x12’. And along with it and Shannon I got rejuvenated for 2023. You must be wondering what this means!
Like many, in December I had all these things I wanted to get started on in 2023, some work related some at home. I planned to take a few days off this past week and thought I would do a bit of both. However I found myself only able to read and sleep. I was in a fog, brain literally not functioning and I didn’t understand why or how I got there.
Driving to the store on Saturday (one of my days off) I say to Shannon “re-organizing the backroom stresses me out”. She says, “really, I am excited to tackle it”. De-cluttering creates a lot of anxiety for me. For Shannon she visualizes what it should look like, gets excited and gets the job done! So we spent 6 hours on our day off organizing that back room. I know once I get started I will just keep going but I need support as de-cluttering is so not my thing but it is Shannon’s.
I have not been myself this past week. As I said Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I have been reading and sleeping and not capable of much more.  When I got home on Saturday, I got some work done and felt good. If Shannon had not said she would stay in Trenton an extra day and we would get the backroom cleaned I would probably be still feeling that fog. I sent her a heartfelt thank you later that night as she really helped me out. Not just the de-cluttering project but mentally as well. I enjoyed our day together and felt rejuvenated.
I need to learn to listen to my head and body more when it is telling me what it needs. I also need to learn to lean on others as we sometimes need more than ourselves to live a healthy life. Would I have ever thought a de-cluttering project and that right person in my life was the answer, not really (at least not the first part!). But when we aren’t feeling ourselves mixing it up is probably exactly what we need.
Not sure if anyone needed to hear this story but you never know! (Pic: Sunday night on my snuggle getting ready to watch CSI Vegas)

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