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Last year I finally found the jeans I love to wear. My 20 something daughters seem to need many pairs of jeans. For me I just want a couple of pairs that are versatile to wear for different things that I am doing.  The two brands that are my favorite are Dex/Dex Plus and Joseph Ribkoff.

 My first thought on jeans is the style. I believe that a slim fitting jean or “skinny jean” works on all sizes. Short, tall, curvy, petite you name it. This is why. It is better for a fabric to hug your body and your curves vs being loose and making parts of our bodies look different than they are. I will use myself for example. I have large legs, my thighs to my calves, even my ankles. A boot cut jean just makes my legs look larger because the cut at the ankle is the same as around my knee and calf and it just makes my leg look like at tree stump.

 Whether you want to dress casual or dressy this style of jeans work so well. The other nice thing about a slim jean is they can be work with any style of footwear. Tall boots, short boots, a cute sneaker, flats or heels.


 So here I am in my fav jean styling it different ways. The first look is a casual look but it works for so many different things in my life. I have a few long cardigans I wear this way. I wear this look to work, to go shopping or an evening with friends. I add a scarf sometimes and I just want a sleeveless tee underneath and if it’s a mild day a long sleeve tee and scarf and I don’t need a coat. My fav boot is this Ugg boot that I got a great deal on at Winners. A short boot is so cute with this style.  I tend to love my jeans with a crop look and roll them a couple of times but you will see the full length as well.

 I love a simple sweater with my jeans. Another casual look that’s so easy to wear but makes you feel put together when you are out and about. This is a look that I love with my Ked or Sketcher sneakers.  Here are two different casual sweaters looks.


 Blouses work so well with jeans. I like them untucked but both ways work well.  I am showing both a casual Dex Plus plaid blouse or a dressier Artex or Joseph Ribkoff blouse.  The mustard Artex pheasant top would have looked great with a dressier shoe (this was a pic from a few months ago) (I am terrible when I find a shoe or boot that I love I wear it with everything!).  The pic with the black/floral Ribkoff blouse and a suede show shows how well the slim jean works on any leg style.  Look how it makes my leg look long and leaner and that pic was taken today so it wasn't at a different weight (which I tend to flucuate monthly it seems!)


 Now let’s look at a dressier style.  Here I have a black distressed jean with a gorgeous knit top with a bit of sparkle.  You could wear this with the short boot like I have or with a nice pump (I tend not to wear a heel as my balance sucks so I envy you ladies that can wear a nice shoe with a heel!)

 I hope this helps give you some ideas of what styles you like and feel will work well for you.

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  • Thank You so much Angela!
    You and your staff, are always so helpful…I see new jeans in my future ;)

    Jeanette Aubin

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