I hear almost everyday these sentences

  • I can’t wear that colour
  • I’m too short to wear that
  • I’m too tall to wear that
  • I’m too old for that
  • If only I was smaller
  • If only I had a better figure for that
  • And so on, and so on and so on!

 Well this week my blog is about “Just try it on”.  None of the above are true necessarily.  We see something that we like and then come up with excuses why it won’t look good on us.  What I have learned in the 6 plus years of owning this boutique is you just don’t know until it is on you.


COLOUR - Of course there are colours that look better than others on us but I find that every colour can have so many different shade variations that you only really know if you try it on.  And, if a colour you don’t think you can wear is in a pattern then most likely it will not matter at all.  We have a lot of patterned clothes at Vivacious (its kinda our thing).  I never really know what colours in a pattern are going to jump out until I see it on you.  Generally I find it’s the colours that are closest to your face that tend to be the dominant colours when wearing a patterned top or dress.  So ladies don’t be afraid of any colours, try them on, get a second opinion before you dismiss a gorgeous colour.

 LENGTH – of course somethings can be too long, pants sometimes need to be hemmed or sleeves go past your hands.  But again, don’t have preconceived notions of what you can wear when it comes to length.  The Dex Plus sweater cardigan I am wearing in this picture, on the hanger, is really long.  I even think one of my staff commented when it came in that it was too long for me.  I am 5’2”.  Look at it on, yes it comes well below my knees but I just love it and I find it actually gives my silhouette a longer look!  That also goes for thinking things are too short.  I love the style of the dress pant that sits above our ankles or rolling up my pant leg as I am doing here with My Dex Jeans   My inseam is 28” and I love this look.  In the summer that is all I wear is a crop pant.  You regularly see me in my Lisette (made in Canada) crop pants with lots of pattern.  This look does not only work on tall, slender people!  Us plus size ladies can wear these looks quite well.


CUT OF THE TOP/DRESS – I see this all the time, larger women think that they can’t wear clothes that are made of a clingy fabric, or they cannot wear tailored clothes.  It is not about the fabric or how it is tailored.  It is about how the pattern is designed.  If it is designed well anyone can wear a tailored look of most fabrics whether you are a size 2 or a size 22.   I am generally a size 14 to 18 depending on the cut and brand.  I am showing you different styles here that I love how they work on me.  And believe me on my 5’2” body I have lots of rolls and tree trunks for legs!  The Artex Fashions (made in Canada) dress is a knit fabric and very clingy but they know how to cut patterns for all sizes.  The Parsley and Sage Tunic is a cotton/rayon blend with a bit of spandex in it.  It is very form fitting so hugs my waist but flairs over my hips so it is a great silhouette.

 So TRY IT ON!  If you are in a store like Vivacious we love to help you as I know lots of small boutiques do.   We are honest with you on what is working and what is not.  But we can only help if you try it on.  If it catches your eye, get all those preconceived notions out of your head and put it on and let’s see if it will work.

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