Learning From Others in the Plus Size World

We can learn from every generation.

I love the younger generation of woman that are empowering and believe that a plus size woman can wear a bikini if they want, they can wear that tight fitting dress if they want.

 I encourage you to follow some of these women on any of your social media feeds. I do find Instagram and Tik Tok the best places to find interesting women with a great take on their bodies and fashion.

 It has taught me a lot over the last couple of years watching the younger fashion influencers and I have changed my own style. 18 months ago when shopping for a bathing suit for a cruise I tried a two piece bathing suit on at Torrid. My daughter encouraged me to buy it. Of course I said well if I don’t wear it on the cruise I will wear it in our hot tub. It was a cross between a tankini and a bikini I would say. You could see my mid section but I wasn’t totally exposed. Here’s the thing. It is my most comfortable bathing suit so I did wear it on the cruise and there were a few other plus size women of all ages with the same style on the cruise. We kinda would give the signal when we passed each other “love your suit”! I absolutely felt empowered in that bathing suit.


 My body is made up of a series of rolls😆. Yes I do like to wear clothes that can be more flattering on me. I also don’t shy away from the pants I love or that jumpsuit or jeans because you may see my rolls. And I never shy away from any fabrics. I do wear shapewear at times but I never wear any shapewear that is not totally comfortable, never!

 I have never said “I can’t wear that style, colour or fabric”. I do hear that all the time from women shopping at the store though. It’s like nails on the chalkboard for me. Ladies why are we restricting ourselves?? Honestly you don’t know until you try it on. I also find holding it up in front of you does nothing. Women will do this all time and ask me what I think. I am honest, you have to try it on for me to form an opinion. I can’t even tell if the colour is right unless it is really on your body.


 To me the words “I can’t wear…..” sometimes means “I don’t feel good about myself” “I am not beautiful” “I am fat”. Of course there are clothes we try on and it’s just not going to work for us but I see too many women that have anxiety over shopping for clothes because of how society has made them feel about themselves. So please start listening to the younger women who are empowered to feel great if they are a size 2 or 22. We can learn a lot. I know that I continue to make wardrobe adjustments from becoming more empowered watching these women.

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